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In September 2011, Dell announced the creation of our first EIR program with the addition of a leading entrepreneur in green IT, Ingrid Vanderveldt. The entrepreneur-in-residence (EIR) helps drive strategy and takes our ability to listen and act on what customers need to the next level. Typically an EIR program is a way for venture capital firms or investors to nurture a big idea and then invest in the new venture at the end of the EIR’s term. For Dell, this program helps us create an even more meaningful bridge between Dell and the marketplace.

Our entrepreneur-in-residence program brings the outside in.

We are committed to help power entrepreneurial success by developing technology solutions that help new businesses increase productivity and grow.

Ingrid plays a key role in a few primary areas by:

  • Identifying and assessing new business and technology solutions for SMBs
  • Serving as a representative and media correspondent for Dell at key events
  • Advocating on policy issues for entrepreneurs at the federal and state levels

Noor Siddiqui might only be 19, but she’s already made a name for herself in the tech industry. Our Entrepreneur-in-Residence sits down with her to talk about the company she founded, Remedy

With help from DEMO, our Entrepreneur-in-Residence Ingrid Vanderveldt is looking to build a better tomorrow by supporting young women in the tech world.