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Women Investing in Women


Golden Rule. WE GLARED AT ONE ANOTHER across a conference table, which looked fragile next to his bulk. He was an imposing man, used to getting his way with little resistance, and certainly without a scene. I had argued with all my logic and power of persuasion, but he was an unmovable force, and now my Irish temper was raging. His disdain and disapproval were palpable.

Not Your Father’s Entrepreneur


THE UNITED STATES has been — and continues to host — one of the most innovation-friendly business environments in the world; remember, the country was built by entrepreneurs whose ideas were too radical for their home country. Inventors like Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson drafted the Constitution and set the tone for a value system that encouraged risk taking, free thinking, and success based on execution and not inheritance.

The Luck You Make


THIS IS A STORY about luck.

Some call that kind of luck “fate.” Others call it “divine intervention.” No matter what you call it, when the universe smiles on you, you’d be wise to smile back. But even if your startup is somehow ordained, you’re still going to have to do the work of creating a great business all by yourself.

Research, Create, Analyze, Re-create


For me, being a successful entrepreneur has not been about whether an individual effort has been successful or not, but rather, how iteration to iteration one can grow through conscious purposeful analysis of successes and failures to improve the plans for the next attempt. I’ve always found research and reflection to be critical to my success.