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Once upon a business: the power of storytelling


Sarah Shields, General Manager and Executive Director, Consumer, Small and Medium Enterprises, Dell UK When it comes to identifying core business skills, story-telling is not one that immediately stands out. But personal and professional stories, when told well, can make the difference between landing a new client, scoring a board position, or priming the path […]

Why Test Markets Matter and How to Make the Most of Them


There are few things more disappointing in business than seeing an awesome product go bust simply because the creators didn’t know their market. It is never fun to see a promising venture fail for preventable reasons and as someone who works with small business leaders, I’ve seen this tragedy firsthand. Brilliant innovators create beautiful products that no one wants.

The Ultimate Guide to Entering and Gaining Traction in New Markets


It seems like everything Sir Richard Branson touches turns into gold. He’s tackled everything from airlines to mobile phones to music. So in 1998, when he drove a tank through a wall of soda cans in Times Square symbolizing the war he was going to wage on the big soda companies with Virgin Cola, he seemed unstoppable.

Make Technology Work for You – Not the Other Way Around

Asha Saxena

Technology should make your life simpler, not more complicated. That’s exactly why it’s an essential part of running your small business. After all, you have a limited amount of time to accomplish a lot of work, so you need to automate and streamline every task you can to increase efficiency.