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Leveraging Your Scarcest Resource: The Art of Delegation


As an entrepreneur, you likely find yourself pulled in a million different directions every day. From answering customer emails to balancing the budget to updating the company website, it’s not unusual for founders to try to do everything themselves. The business is their baby, and they want everything to be perfect. However, when you’re trying […]

How to Stay One Step Ahead of Cloud Outages


Unfortunately, the marketplace doesn’t care that your storage device collapsed last night and erased all your data — and it certainly isn’t going to pause while you sort through the mess. Failing to plan for these kinds of disruptions is toxic to your business’ health. Take Twitter, for example. The company’s development team knew system […]

What Can Happen in a Year? The DEC Turns 1


What Can Happen in a Year? The DEC Turns 1 By: Trey Bowles. Trey is a serial entrepreneur, social capitalist, and educator. Trey cofounded the Dallas Entrepreneur Center (DEC), a central location for entrepreneurs to learn how to start, build and grow businesses through training, education, mentorship, promotion, and capital investment. As Co-Founder and CEO, […]

Find the Gap


By: Daniella Segal. Daniella is not only passionate about people, she is also the Co-Founder and Co-Director of KEN-S (Knowledge, Entrepreneurship, Networking, Skills) which aims to build personal relationships and networks between young and established Israeli leaders and others around the world in order to ensure successful future collaboration, positive engagement and create a productive […]