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How to Successfully Test Your Product in Production


Software is an interesting business and is one of the few industries where you actually want a product to fail. Of course, failing is better done prior to a product’s official release, so first we put it through rigorous testing. We want to capture the differences between the software we have and the software we […]

Speedy Brands Win: How to Focus Your Startup on Efficiency


Speed affects our perception of brands more than we realize. Would you go to Starbucks on the way to work if it took twice as long to get your coffee? Would you pay for Amazon Prime if you received free five-day shipping? In nearly every industry, efficient service can mean the difference between a business […]

Why Every Business Needs a Well-Rounded Analytics Diet


If you’ve been eating at Ruby Tuesday for the past six years, you might be incredibly confused by the fast-casual restaurant’s branding strategy. Several years ago, Ruby Tuesday shed its old-timey bar and grill image and rebranded as a more upscale dining experience. Then last year, it did away with its emphasis on wine by […]

Driving Entrepreneurship in Africa


By: Ashish J. Thakkar. Ashish founded his first business in 1996 at the age of 15 with a $5,000 loan. Since then, he has driven the growth of the company from a small IT business in Uganda to the globally recognized multi-sector investment group that exists today. Through its investments and operations, Mara Group now […]

Propel Your Startup by Building a Repeatable and Scalable Business Model


By: DJ Good. Startup-guru DJ Good cultivates entrepreneurs within the Kansas City and Midwest region to grow scalable business models. In addition, DJ serves as CEO for LightBridge, a distributed cloud data storage provider. DJ has over 20 years of telecommunications and network hardware industry experience. Follow him on Twitter @djgood33. There is something comforting […]