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Dell Offers Financing for Entrepreneurs!

Dell for Entrepreneurs and Dell Financial Services offer financing for VC and Angel-backed startups to provide financial and scalable technology resources to encourage innovation, bolster speed-to-market and job creation. Our aim is to get end-to-end, scalable technology solutions in the hands of growing businesses like yours during that crucial early time in market. We look forward to hearing about you and your company, answering your questions and getting to know you.

Companies that meet the following criterion, as approved by Dell Financial Services, can be approved for credit up to 10% of their funded amount:

1)     Raised $5MM in equity from VC’s or high Angels

2)     Copy of business plan

3)     FYE 13 and interim 2014 financial, and projections for 2014.

If you are not VC-funded or Angel-backed, Dell Financial Services offers a variety of other service options to leverage technology to scale your business. Learn more>

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