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A well thought out marketing strategy is the way to take a great idea to a viable high growth business. With so many avenues to consider, our savvy group of marketing authorities share best practices on how and where to get the most mindshare for your emerging brand.

yt-tommy-lynnTommy Lynn, Dell Global Brand: Branding 101 – Core of Business
Creative Director of Dell Global Brand, Tommy Lynn, on branding being the core of your business. Watch video >


yt-alfred-edmond-4Ingrid Interviews Alfred Edmond- Part 4
Black Entertainment’s SVP and Multimedia Editor-at-Large, Alfred Edmond, believes that marketing should not be a linear concept. He feels that entrepreneurs should market across all segments and demographics in order to leverage diversity. Watch video >


yt-scott-gerberA conversation with Scott Gerber
See how Scott Gerber, Founder of YEC, manages the media and make a huge impact. Watch video >


yt-access-to-media-as-startupAccess to Media as a Startup
A panel discussion on how media is one of the most powerful tools that you can use to accelerate your business. Watch video >


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