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Dell Founders 50 Customer Stories

Dell’s Founders 50 companies are great examples of how technology and the right solutions can help you accelerate your business. The below customer stories are a snap shot of the success some of our current and alumni members have had.


Frustrated by consistently annoying conference calls at their corporate jobs, serial entrepreneurs Danny Boice and John Bracken were out for drinks on a business trip to NYC when they decided to solve a problem they’re sure many others had.
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After graduating college, Jonathan moved back home to his parents with two goals: Start Neverware to improve computer access in schools and support his hometown volunteer fire department. Read more >


After spending hours in urgent care with his daughter, who had a simple ear infection, Steve Cashman had a light bulb moment: “I realized I could use my consumer technology experience to create a whole new way of getting patients… Read more >

Beyond Lucid Technologies

In 2006, Chris Wilt’s father and sister were killed in a car accident in New Mexico. Chris’ father died en route to the nearest hospital. His life could’ve been saved if EMS staff had been able to relay critical information in real-time. Read more >

Digital Ocean

Brothers Ben and Moisey were working for a web hosting provider in the early 2000s when Moisey realized that hosting a single customer’s website would bring in enough money to make his car payments. Read more >

Simple Relevance

Simple Relevance was founded in Chicago around the time when deals sites like Groupon were all the rage. Erik knew that there were algorithms to solve the gap between users’ interests and the deals being offered. Read more >


P.D. inherited his entrepreneurial ethos and strong work ethic from his grandparents who owned a small market. He bought his first business at 20, an auto-detailing shop and also founded a marketing firm – neither of which… Read more >


Nova and Dominiek both have backgrounds in applying cutting-edge artificial intelligence to making web apps smarter. In 2010, they both began thinking about a new approach to making sense of the world’s real… Read more >


“My work on Fantoo started almost 18 years ago at our first office in my mothers dining room. We had to work in the dining room because our garage collapsed while I was trying to convert it into an office.” Read more >


Open Labs

Founded in 2004 with the goal of producing custom open keyboards with touch screens for professional musicians and producers. In 2012, incoming CEO Cliff Mountain aimed to shift the focus of the company in an effort to meet the growing demand for accessible and affordable music creation tools. Read more >



A global leader in omnichannel personalization for some of the world’s largest brands and retailers. Since launching eight years ago, over 175 global corporations now use RichRelevance to turn data into actionable insights in order to deliver the most relevant experience for customers shopping across the web, on mobile platforms and in stores. Read more >



Visbuzz, a UK-based software-as-a-service start-up, has selected Dell to deliver one-touch communication technology to the elderly.
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