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Social Fortress CEO Adam GhettiSocial Fortress is a data security force to reckon with.

This startup is serving enterprise customers in less than two years, thanks to the support and experts that come with vCloud.

Social Fortress offers a way for people to access and manage their important data through encryption, monitoring, and enforcing policies before it ever reaches the cloud. CEO Adam Ghetti founded his internet security startup in 2011; after nearly two years spent perfecting the service, Ghetti knew he wanted to find a partner that could offer a more secure environment as they released their product to market. Ghetti approached Dell while looking to make the first public announcement of the Social Fortress product at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference. Read more ∨

At that time, their cloud services provider could not provide the level of confidence they required. Dell SecureWorks not only delivered on the security aspects, but also provided a dedicated cloud support team to help the business grow quickly and efficiently.

By joining the Dell Founders Club, Ghetti and his team were able to access concierge support and experts within Dell that provided strategic business-building advice. Within a very short timeline, Social Fortress was able to cut the implementation by five days, allowing the company to confidently make their debut at TechCrunch Disrupt, on Dell vCloud.

“With the Dell vCloud dedicated offering, we were able to ensure data isolation from other customers’ data, unlike the pay as you go model at Amazon,” said Ghetti. “Being a cloud security company, the dedicated, concierge support from being a Founder Club member and the access to Dell experts on the vCloud team provided protection on all tiers gave us the security that other competitors could not offer, and a name that they trust.” Companies should expect their vendors to also act as experts who are willing to provide advice and proper networking opportunities to connect entrepreneurs and guide them to holistic solutions.

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  • Backed by SecureWorks
  • Migration service and tools to move from your current provider

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