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Bart Foster and Michael Dell

SoloHealth puts you in control of your health.

Individuals can take advantage of health screenings thanks to Original Equipment Manufacturer Solutions with Dell.

The revolutionary SoloHealth Station™ gives everyday people the power to take charge of their health. SoloHealth Stations are placed in retail locations or other high-volume locations where people can take advantage of vision screenings, blood pressure readings, body mass index assessments and overall health assessments for free. The kiosk can then connect individuals with local health professionals. All of this is made possible with Dell’s Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Solutions technology. Read more ∨

Because they are using all original Dell hardware and deployment, SoloHealth has “the reliability and flexibility to expand into new opportunities,” says Joyce Mullen, Vice President and General Manager, OEM Solutions and Global Alliances at Dell. Bart Foster, CEO & Founder of SoloHealth says, “we strive daily to deliver a superior product and service and this partnership with Dell allows us to continue on that promise.”

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A partnership with Dell’s OEM solutions can reduce the costs and challenges associated with designing, manufacturing and delivering your solutions to market. Startups will leverage Dell’s global supply chain, our trusted product portfolio and technical support that provides world class solutions on a global scale. With Dell, you can get to market better, faster and smarter.

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Key benefits:

  • Reduce costs of engineering and product development—let us be your CIO!
  • Increase your speed and expansion to market
  • Leverage Dell’s global supply chain, manufacturing and logistics