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ServerStack cuts server cost by 75 percent and is listed as one of the 5,000 fastest growing companies in U.S.

Customized, innovative server infrastructures help this hosting provider stay scalable with Dell PowerEdge.

ServerStack, led by Ben Uretsky, CEO, is driven by a vision for a new standard in the managed hosting industry. A fully managed hosting provider founded in 2004, the company survived a rocky couple of years at the beginning using white-box machines in a patchwork of configurations. Now, ServerStack has deployed seven data centers worldwide, all with the help of customized Dell technology solutions. Dell PowerEdge Servers enabled the company to grow on a global scale, resulting in ServerStack capturing significant market share. Read more ∨

The company has grown 100 percent nearly every year since its inception and is listed on the Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies in the U.S. “We were able to get the best price/performance from Dell and we felt most comfortable standardizing on Dell technology. Whenever we need to purchase another set of servers—which is every two to three months…there are new configurations or new processors available. Every time we go to buy a new server, it’s capable of doing so much more than the last time we purchased one. Dell’s rate of speed in developing new products is really amazing. This lets us focus on the factors that differentiate us,” said Uretsky.

The company has 500 virtual machines running on 125 physical servers, saving 75 percent of total server costs. Managing those servers in its distributed environment would be a costly proposition were it not for Integrated Dell Remote Access Controllers Enterprise (iDRAC Enterprise). Uretsky said, “The iDRAC allows us…to install operating systems and change kernels without loss of network connectivity, and we’re able to service everything inside the machine except for a physical upgrade or replacement. That has significantly reduced our operating expenses.”

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A server will help my company:

  • Bring e-mail in-house
  • Centralize applications, such as inventory and customer resource management
  • Build an intranet and extranet
  • Create a single place to back up all data

Key Benefits:

  • Ability to run complex workloads
  • Streamlines and automates workload management
  • Maximizes efficiency with speed, density and flexibility