Ideation. Innovation. Collaboration.

Small businesses are the heart of U.S. economy by almost any measure. They contribute 46 percent of the economic output in the private sector (non-farm), employ half of private sector employees and were responsible for creating 64 percent of net new jobs from 1993 to 2011.

Entrepreneurial spirit is also at the heart of what we do at Dell. Our heritage of risk-taking is alive and well, thanks to a founder who sits at the helm and a team constantly striving for improvement. This fuels our commitment to helping the 10 million small and medium businesses we serve to grow with Dell.

Start-ups and growing businesses need technology to innovate, but it’s not the only thing they need – turning a great idea into a successful business also requires access to financing, networking and knowledge. That’s why Dell’s commitment to the success of these businesses goes beyond the products we sell to encompass policy efforts, partnerships and programs designed to connect them with the resources they need to maximize their full potential.

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